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Our History

Union Diamond was founded on September 11th, 2001 and originally started as a Wholesale Diamond Merchant selling to jewelers all across the USA and abroad. Relationships formed with diamond and jewelry manufacturers worldwide over the previous decade or so have helped us quickly evolve into today's direct to consumer powerhouse utilizing our Website and Flagship Showroom that opened in 2002 and bringing you some of the best values available anywhere.

Since the humble beginnings Union Diamond has gained worldwide attention and a global marketplace by offering beautiful certified diamonds along with top-notch customer service, a vast selection of settings, competitive prices and stunning custom creations. Our artisans can create beautiful, one of a kind custom designs like no other. Thousands of people worldwide have made their most important purchases with us and they continue to keep coming back to us year after year.

So why should you "Just Expect More"? First, be comforted in the knowledge that you are working with a dedicated staff of knowledgeable industry professionals, committed to giving you a truly unforgettable shopping experience. Our people are second to none and comprise of GIA trained Graduate Gemologists, Diamond Graduates, Pearl Graduates, AJP's just to name a few. Second, every item that we manufacture is created specifically for you and your precious or semi-precious stone of choice and shipped securely and insured from our corporate offices in Atlanta, Georgia directly to your door. Third, our prices are a mere fraction of what retail jewelers have chosen to sell their products for, which means you will have more money to spend on that all-inclusive honeymoon, her birthday dinner, or your new bundle of joy!

To our customers, the name Union Diamond means many things. It means purchasing something truly special knowing that you have 30 days to return it if you need to, no matter the reason. It means knowing that your jewelry is backed by a manufacturer's warranty and was never worn and never owned by anyone but you. It means breathing more easily because your Diamond Jewelry will be insured and sent quickly at no additional cost. It means that you can ask any question that you have about any Diamond that we have and get your detailed answer quickly without the typical pressure and sales tactics. It means returned phone calls, answered emails, friendly voices, and superior product. It means everything that you, the consumer, think it should mean from a company as reputable as ours.

You will find an incredible selection of Diamonds and Fine Jewelry along with our dedicated commitment to customer service whether you are purchasing online or directly from our showroom located in The Overlook III Tower in the historic Vinings area of Atlanta. Our dedication to excellence began back then and will continue for as long as consumers want incredible variety, superior quality, and impeccable value along with true personalized service.

Welcome to, where you can "Just Expect More!"

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