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Will I be charged Sales Tax?
Union Diamond is located in Atlanta, Georgia 30339, USA and is required to collect sales tax for items purchased and delivered within the State of Georgia. We do not collect any sales tax for items that are shipped anywhere else within the USA. If sales or use tax is due in any other state, it will be your responsibility to contact the state in question and inquire about the possible tax liabilities.

What types of financing does Union Diamond offer?
Financing is based on each customer's individual situation and credit history. Financing options can vary from 1 year to 5 year payment terms for qualified buyers. All loans are fixed installment loans with a fixed 14.99% APR. There are no penalty interest rates, and your monthly payment will not fluctuate from month to month.

Can I switch from a credit card payment to a wire transfer?
Once a credit card transaction has been processed, the 3% wire transfer discount is no longer applicable regardless of the circumstances. A customer must choose the method of payment prior to any purchase. Those customers wishing to receive a 3% wire transfer discount must pay for their original purchase via this method. Under no circumstances can the 3% wire discount be used after a customer has previously paid for an item by credit card.

I made a purchase less than 30 days previously, why can't I make another purchase?
In an effort to combat credit card fraud and keep our prices low, Union Diamond will only process a single order per customer in any given 30 day period. This in no way affects your return or exchange privilege.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of financing available?
Financing of $1000 to $8000 is available for qualified buyers with approved credit. If the purchase amount is over you're approval amount, you may pay the balance with a wire transfer, credit card or Google Checkout.

What can I finance?
Financing is available on a wide range of Union Diamond products priced at or above $1,000, including custom and special order items. Custom and special order items are nonreturnable and nonrefundable please refer to Union Diamond's return policy.

Can anyone obtain financing?
Subject to approved credit approval, financing is available to U.S. customers only.

Can I pay down the principle before I get the loan?
Yes, this would be considered a down payment, and you may pay for your purchase with a partial payment from a wire, credit card or Google Checkout and finance the balance as long as amount financed is $1000 or greater.

Are there any fees or prepayment penalties associated with this finance program? There are no additional fees to you, and you are free to pay off your loan without penalty. You are charged interest on your outstanding principal balance, and are free to pay down the balance at any time.

Once I have the loan am I locked into my purchase or can I still return it if I am not happy with it?
Even though we try our best to make sure that you will be happy with your purchase we know that there may be circumstances that are just unforeseen. If this happens Union Diamond's 30 day return policy is still in full force and effect. The loan terms can be adjusted to accommodate an exchange or return. If you choose to exchange your purchase we will make the necessary arrangements to accommodate your changes however, the loan term may change in the event that there is a change in purchase price. If you choose to return an item for credit, a full refund and cancellation of the loan will occur. Under no circumstances will we refund the loan amount to the customer. Loan amounts will be repaid to the finance company directly. Please note, custom or special order items are nonreturnable and nonrefundable please refer to Union Diamond's return policy.

Can I use financing obtained through Union Diamond to purchase from places other than Union Diamond?
No, financing obtained through Union Diamond can only be used to finance purchases made at Union Diamond.

Who actually finances the item?
Union Diamond has contracted with a well respected leader in consumer credit and sales financing. They have a long history dating back to 1949 and offer loans and servicing to a wide spectrum of retail merchants.

Need further assistance with financing?
Contact a Union Diamond sales associate at 18003199155 or email

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