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A diamond bracelet is the perfect gift for an anniversary, holidays, or other special occasions. When buying a diamond bracelet, you want to do a bit of research, since these bracelets represent a financial investment. There are a few factors to consider that are valuable for helping you make the best decision, whether you are buying a bracelet for you or a loved one.

You can find diamond bracelets in a range of styles, settings, shape, size and number of stones. Consider the style preferences of the individual when selecting a diamond bracelet. Bracelets can be found in delicate, feminine styles and vintage or modern designs. The tennis bracelet remains among the most popular styles for anniversaries, weddings, and other occasions.

Diamond bracelets are available with a few different options for the metal used in the setting. This choice is largely a matter of personal preference, although the metal can influence the price of a bracelet. In general, with the same diamond carat weight, bracelets set in yellow or white gold are less expensive than settings in platinum or palladium.

The overall design of the setting of a diamond bracelet will determine whether it is a good choice for our loved one. There are a variety of styles available with diamonds in a range of shapes and settings. The setting significantly impacts the overall design of the bracelet. Some popular settings include prong set, channel set diamonds, double prong settings, and basket style settings.

The diamond shapes used in the settings can vary. Round tends to be popular since diamonds cut in this shape reflect the most light and have more brilliance. Although most diamond bracelets feature round diamonds, that is not always the case. Princess cut diamonds are also beautiful and popular set in diamond bracelets. Some unique designs have alternating round and baguette stones in the bracelet.

Consider the preferences of the recipient and set a budget for your purchase before you start shopping and comparing diamond bracelet styles.

Choose an established and reputable jeweler for your purchase, such as Union Diamond. When purchasing diamond jewelry, you should have access to the diamond grading report, which contains information about the diamonds used in the bracelet, ring, pendant, or other diamond jewelry. At Union Diamond, we always offer high quality certified diamonds.

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