World’s ‘Most Perfect Diamond’? We beg to differ!

The world’s most perfect diamond has been sold at auction. 44.09 carats, D in Color, and Internally Flawless in Clarity, the MVP of diamonds sold for quite a magnificent price, $7,474,500. That’s $169,528.2377 per carat exactly, yes, I checked. But let us all take a moment to absorb that amount. It is mindboggling that what is basically a rock, is selling for the equivalent of a single family home. And for the record, we have three 1 carat D, IF stones in our inventory and their combined prices don’t even come close to that amount. See, we’re all about saving you money.

But as we all know, size is everything with diamonds and as size increases, so does rarity, which drives prices to incredible levels. And this is one incredibly rare diamond, and made even more so by the fact that it is a Type IIa diamond. These diamonds are the most chemically pure of all diamonds and are known for their exceptional clarity and optical transparency. Originally identified in the mines of India, Type IIa diamonds are now found all over the world. Among the most famous are the 530.20ct Cullinan and the 105.60ct Koh-i-noor.

Photo: Christie's Ltd.

Isn’t it pretty? But wait, why does this ring look so familiar? Oh, I know, because we’ve already got one! Monty Python and the Holy Grail anyone? No? Just me?

This is one of my favorite settings here at Union Diamond. It adds just the right amount of sparkle and elegance to make any stone shine. And it’s especially beautiful with a D, IF Emerald Cut like the one on the left. If you think that’s pretty, it’s even more gorgeous in real life as you can see from the picture on the right of a ring we made for a client. But if D, IF just isn’t your style, and speaking of step-cut stones, why, look at what we posted just this very morning. 1.06 cts of F VVS2 perfection. It’s kismet, I swear.

So there you have it, watch out ‘Most Perfect Diamond’, your title is in serious jeapordy!

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