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Ok, this may be the most geek/tastic post we’ve ever created, and you may be wondering what on earth all of this has to do with diamonds and jewelry, but just stick with us on this one oh ye blog reader of little faith. Because we’ve got Star Wars themed wedding ideas, Star Wars jewelry, and gilded Star Wars factoids enough to fill the Death Star! Get excited.

Steven Kowalski

When just getting married isn’t enough and you have to save the galaxy from evil as well, make sure that you capture the moment! Photographer Steven Kowalski created this incredible image of the couple, flanked by their bridal party, ready to stare down enemy forces in true rebel wedding style.

Wedding Dream Services

Photo: Wedding Dream Services

But not to be outdone, Nadia and Dale went into full on Star Wars mode with Storm Troopers, Princess Leia flower girls, R2D2 ring bearer, and an epic lightsaber battle or two. Jabba has never looked so tasty.

Reddit TaiMaiShooToo

Photo: Reddit TaiMaiShooToo

If you’re looking for a more subtle homage to the Empire, try these adorably themed ring boxes. Unless you’re not the ring wearing sort of people. Then perhaps these might be more your style.



Ok, so i’ll admit that the idea is cute with the little lightsaber, but a destroyed Death Star isn’t exactly the height of romance if you’re asking me. Which these people didn’t. If we’re honest, we’d much prefer, well, actual rings. And if they must be themed, this is definitely the droid you’re looking for.

article-2397313-1B53E5DF000005DC-403_634x567Yep, it seems that Star Wars was made for being adapted to a wedding theme, even C3PO was gold plated during the early stages of the Clone Wars. That’s right, I did my Wookipedia research. But it doesn’t stop there, diamonds appear multiple times in the Star Wars universe.

  • ¬†Diamonds were valued gemstones to pirates and could be worth anywhere from one to three thousand credits per Coruscant Standard Carat. And if you’re wondering where these space diamonds were mined, well worry no more because these sparklers hailed from a large number of miles located on Arkania, wherever that is.
  • Yaru Korsin used a stylus made of diamond in 3000 BBY.
  • Diamonds were successfully used by Uvak-mounted Keshiri of the Alanciari military’s air force as a flak projectile weapon.
  • And coolest of them all, Corran Horn used diamond power to fuel his dual-phase lightsaber.

Ok, so I have no idea what an Uvak is, or a Keshiri, Alanciari, or Corran Horn, and I definitely don’t know who Yaru is, but that diamond powered lightsaber sounds really cool! So promise me, that the next time you’re celebrating Star Wars day or planning some star crossed nuptials, that you’ll think of us.¬†



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