Spring into color!

Happy Tuesday everybody! As they say, whoever ‘they’ are, it’s all downhill from here! I like ‘they’, they’re always full of catch phrases and sage advice. Anyways, as I said Thursday, pollen season is in full swing in Georgia. If you live in a land without this environmental phenomenon, I’m more than a little jealous. So, in order to combat the pollen funk that so many of us are assuredly in today, I bring you the good things that pollen season, or Spring as it’s known to the rest of the world can bring. Things like COLOR. And as I was perusing the cases this morning, looking for the perfect inspiration, this piece stopped me in my tracks.

DSC05216 with logo

I should preface this color love story by telling you that my childhood favorite color was pink. I had a pink Care Bear, a pink playhouse, the works. I loved the color pink with a passion until one day I realized that I had red hair, and that I was not a redhead lucky enough to look good in pink. It’s not enough of a clash to break a camera, but it’s not my best shade. So moved on to other colors, most notably green and teal. I even managed to convince myself that I didn’t care for pink at all. *Gasp, I know. However, I guess deep down, I still had a soft spot in my heart for pink. So, imagine my confusion, when this appeared in the case in front of me and I didn’t like it, I loved it!

It’s not just pink, it’s PINK. A color so impossibly vivid and jewel toned that it flatters even my redheaded skin. I should know, I tried it on, and now I really don’t want to take it off. Princess cut, flanked by two princess cut white diamonds, this Chatham Sapphire is stunningly gorgeous. Even the size is perfect, 1.82 carats with .84ctw in the side stones, it allows the color to pop and show real presence on the hand without it becoming too overpowering a look for every day wear. And trust me when I say, if I had this ring, I would wear it every day for a month. And I could, because the platinum setting is sturdy enough to put up with my level of abuse. *I knock my hands into stuff… a lot.* Ah, I literally could stare at this ring all day. Lose myself in the depths of its pinkness.

How about you? Are you a pink lover? Even if you aren’t this ring stands a good chance at changing your mind! So come on in and give pink a chance!

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