Happy National Proposal Day and First Day of Spring!

Spring is in the air! All around me I can hear a symphony of hacking and wheezing. Hey, it’s the south and the pollen is bad, so bad. The entire world seems coated with a thick layer of greenish yellow dust. I however, am not allergic to pollen, YAY me! So that leaves me free to enjoy the flowers and the birds chirping and what’s that I hear? A proposal? Of course! It’s the first day of spring, but more importantly it’s National Proposal Day! And yes, just like Talk like a pirate day and Cupcake day, I did not make this up. Promise.


Anyways, we’re super excited about National Proposal day because, big shocker here, we LOVE proposals, and weddings, and anything proposal and wedding related. Why? Well to start with, we’re fairly sappy people. We love to sigh over sweet proposals and ooh and ahhh over the wedding details. And since this is a jewelry blog I would be remiss if I didn’t admit that we also really like the jewelry that goes with all of this wedding hoopla. Gorgeous engagement rings, wedding bands, and don’t forget that gift for the bride!

So, in honor of this magical day, we thought that we’d post a few of our very favorite proposal and engagement pics from Pinterest! Can’t get enough? Visit all of our boards at Pinterest.com/UnionDiamond

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So tell us about your proposal! Did you use a hot air balloon like William Franklin Nethery Connel? Or perhaps, like this man, you went to the most magical place on earth, and proposed with the aid of a talking trash can. It doesn’t sound like it, but that was without a doubt one of the cutest proposal videos I’ve ever seen. Oooh! A great proposal idea would be to buy this 8.01 carat vivid blue diamond ring and propose with it.

8.01 ct vivid blue

It doesn’t matter what you do or say, even if you whip the ring out of a regular trash can, she WILL say yes. Heck, I would say yes, and I don’t even know you. *Just kidding Richard!* Seriously though, propose with this ring. Just don’t forget, after she says yes, you have to tell us all about it. And we like pictures and video too! So Happy National Proposal Day everybody and let’s keep those stories coming!

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