Happy Earth Day!

Since it’s Earth Day, we thought that we’d give Mother Earth a break and feature a diamond that was made by man…. from… a man. His name, is Edson Arantes do Nascimento. However if you’re a big soccer/ football fan you’re probably know him better by his legendary moniker, Pele.


Known throughout the sport as the best player of all-time, Pele has found a new way to immortalize his greatness that is SO much better than a set of cleats dipped in gold. And that new way involves a few strands of his raven locks and a really fancy pressure cooker.

Photo: EPA

Photo: EPA

That’s right, the Wayne Gretzky of soccer has had himself immortalized in a collection which features a golden sculpture depicting his famous ‘Chilena’ goal as well as a sparkling diamond all encased in a gold plated box. And ok, I may not be familiar with soccer, I know there’s a ball and some goals, and that most other countries in the world go completely crazy over it. Annd I admit that I have never in my life heard of Pele, or his famous ‘Chilena’ goal, and yes I had to google Chilena. So right now, i’m thinking that this guy may be a bit full of himself and that this limited edition, which isn’t altogether that limited as it is one of 1,283 (the number of the champ’s goals).


I mean, that’s a really impressive number given that a really high scoring soccer game has what, 4 goals total? But let’s get back to those diamonds and the hair, and the pressure cooker, because each one of those sparklers were created using a high pressure, high temperature process in which the hairs are reduced to their carbon and that carbon is grown into diamonds. And that’s a pretty cool process and all, but to me, expecting your average, everyday person to spend $7,500 of their hard earned money on a crystallized hair follicle is just a bit far fetched. It reminds me of those people that sell Justin Bieber’s used chewing gum on eBay for $50,000.

But then again, maybe i’m out of touch, because the chewing gum always sells, and as I said, soccer fans have a level of dedication to the sport that is beyond the scope of my imagination. So, will these Pele relics sell? Will people place them in shrines like they would the blood of the Redeemer? Only time will tell.

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