Diamonds… and Spiderman

Since Halloween is just around the corner I thought we could have some fun reliving our spookiest blog posts, like this one, featuring a giant spider. *Cue the rewind music!


I was recently informed that Spiderman 3 was hitting theaters and that we were going at midnight. Ummmm, ok? I’ve never been one for superhero movies, although the most recent Avengers movie was actually pretty good, so I viewed this late night movie experience with a moderate amount of grumbling. However, I recently found out about a dress that might change my view of the whole Spiderman franchise. Continue reading

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This eagle is a golden symbol of hope.

I hope that everyone enjoyed their day off last week, or if you’re not living in the US, your Friday. I thought I’d stay on a patriotic trend today with this post about a very large golden eagle. If you have a thing against birds, I would steer clear of this post, and Atlanta for that matter because until recently we were home to, well not only three bird themed sports teams, but we tend to have a few of them flying around wherever you go. If you have nightmares that resemble Hitchcock’s “The Birds” I would, 1, seek psychiatric help, 2 never leave my house, and 3 possibly move to a country that doesn’t have a very large and ferocious bird as its mascot. Now, everyone knows that the Bald Eagle is our National Symbol, but if Ben Franklin had gotten a larger say, we would be using coins with a slightly more cumbersome bird on the back. Continue reading

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Just how many carats can you cram into one watch?

Union Diamond Rewind! Remember this post about the five million dollar watch? Of course you do, it’s hard to forget that much bling. But just in case your memory is a little fuzzy, or you just like pictures of all things diamond encrusted, let’s rewind a bit. *Cue the time travel music!*



Every day I search the internet for interesting jewelry stories, whether it be notable jewelry auctions, pieces with fantastic histories, and maybe just a little celebrity romance. But one of my favorite things to stumble upon is a story that I can add to my ever growing collection of “My God that’s ridiculous” blogs. Examples of which would include every entry from the diamonds just don’t belong here, as well as a few additions like the lost ring found on a carrot story. I think by now you can see where I’m going with this one. But brace yourselves, because this piece makes those diamond encrusted beats look positively demure… and that’s saying something.


Continue reading

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Super Bowl Bling

Odds are good that yesterday evening saw you plopped down on the couch, watching the Super Bowl. Now, whether you were watching it for the commercials, Bruno Mars, or heck, maybe the actual game, the one thing on my mind was, “I wonder what the ring is going to look like”? Well that, and exactly how much money was being lost by people betting on the Broncos. I hear that some guy lost his house! But I’m rambling a bit. Back to the diamonds. Continue reading

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From the Auction Block: Big, Bold, Beautiful Color!

All eyes were on Geneva this week as two of the biggest auction houses in the world, Sotheby’s and Christie’s, auctioned off some of the biggest diamonds in the world. It all started Tuesday with the Great Pumpkin of the gemstone world known as The Orange. Which if you ask me, makes it sound a bit like a mob boss.



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The World’s Largest Emerald: The Exciting Conclusion!

Update! (For the full story please see Thursday and Friday of last week!)


Well, this story has taken more turns than a bad soap opera. For starters rumors and speculations had been swirling about whether or not Teodora was even worth of the title of Emerald, let alone “largest faceted emerald in the world”. Although Reaney dismissed detractors claiming that they were just jealous that they didn’t buy the stone first. Right, I’m sure that’s it. Reports even started surfacing that the stone had been put on ebay for $10,000 and failed to sell. If you look at the photo closely, the shirt that the person holding the stone is wearing matches the shirt from the Western Star Auction photo further down this page. It all seemed very fishy. Continue reading

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The World’s Largest Emerald?

Yesterday we brought you part one of the riveting saga of the World’s Largest Emerald… or is it?


Reports surfaced yesterday that the “World’s Largest Emerald” may actually not, be the world’s largest emerald. Wait, so you’re telling me that it was all a lie?! Well, yes and no, and we’re not all that sure. It appears that in his quest for putting his shop on the map, owner Regan Reaney may have glossed over a few details. Continue reading

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The World’s Largest Emerald!

Everyone loves a juicy story full of drama, twists and turns. And there is no better drama than the story of Teodora, the world’s largest emerald. So let’s journey back to January 2012 and relive the glory that was, Teodora! *Cue the rewind music!


I’m sure you all know by now, that here at Union Diamond we love diamonds and gemstones. They are all beautiful in their own ways, but the big ones are the most beautiful of all. Well, perhaps I spoke a bit prematurely on that count. You see, on Saturday, a record breaking emerald will be sold in Canada. This emerald is hailed as the largest, faceted emerald in the world. Called Teodora, or gift from God, the gem was mined in Brazil and cut in India. It weighs in at a mind-numbing 57,500 carats, or around 25 pounds, and is appraised at $1.15 million dollars.

worldbiggestemerald7-1_resized2-550x392 Continue reading

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A scent fit for royalty… or sheep.

As i’m known to do from time to time, I was searching for absurd luxury items when I stumbled upon the mother of all royalty themed collectibles. Created by famed kitchen and interior designer Clive Christian, this perfume is the most expensive in the world. Yeah, I’m sure that you noticed a sizeable stumbling block in that last sentence. But I meant every word. Yes, the most expensive perfume in the world is the work of a man who artfully piles up pillows for a living. Sure, that’s a logical step. Continue reading

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