American Idol Bling

Hands up if you’re a fan of American Idol. Ok, so I didn’t raise my hand. I’ve been an on-and-off watcher ever since the show’s inception, and unfortunately for Idol ratings, this is not one of my ‘on’ seasons. However, I may just have to change that after hearing about the accessory choices made by judge Jennifer Lopez on Wednesday night’s show. Suffice it to say, when she said that we shouldn’t “be fooled by the rocks that [she's] got” there is no way that she could be Jenny from the block with this rock. That is, unless her block included the zip code 90210, and even then I’d be skeptical.

So what on earth could cause all of this newsworthy hoopla? A diamond ring. And not just any diamond ring, a 50.40 carat yellow honker. The gem, mined in Africa is cut in what appears to be a square radiant shape and set in a monstrous yellow gold and ebony creation. And yes, I did in fact say ebony, yes, wood. A 40.40 carat yellow diamond, set in a hunk of wood. I thought that this was exceedingly strange; (I mean, how can you size wood?) but it turns out that there was a method to the madness. The designer of the piece wanted to mirror the rarity of the stone both in size and color by mounting the stone in something that was “also from nature”. Ok, so that’s great and all of that, but where does she think gold comes from, Pluto? But in all honesty, even though the ring isn’t what I would have chosen, it does have a really cool aesthetic. I can appreciate the art behind the design. And if you are out there and have fallen in love with this diamond, even if you hate the ring, you can always reset it, you’re in luck. Because this ring isn’t owned by J.Lo, she just borrowed it for the night. So you, can own this lemony yellow beauty for the low, low price, or $2.1 million dollars. A steal! And you can have the privilege of wearing something that once graced the finger of a superstar.

Frank Micelotta/ PictureGroup; Inset: Courtesy Cora

But alas, the vast majority of the world doesn’t have the money for such loveliness, although if you do, please treat yourself to this diamond, and bring it by our showroom so that I can try it on, and take lots of pictures. Pretty please? Alright, so that’s probably never going to happen, a girl can dream though right? But just in case seeing this ring has showed you that you have a hole in your heart that only a pretty yellow diamond can fill, I may have the solution.

It’s so purdy isn’t it? 1.02 carats of canary diamond goodness set in a halo of white diamonds with a diamond band. And even better than its loveliness, it’s a beautiful size, large enough to have presence, while small enough that you don’t feel the need to hire a body guard to wear the thing to the mall. And if that’s not enough to convince you that this ring is in fact even better than J.Lo’s, our rendition isn’t going to cost you nearly as much, we’re talking about a minuscule fraction of the cost. So instead of brightly colored peeps this year, buy yourself some bling this Easter. Because even though peeps and diamonds both last forever, you’re going to enjoy this yellow diamond one heck of a lot more than a 50 year old preserved peep, because that’s just gross. Seriously, do you even have to think about this? Listen to the cute peep, go for the ring!

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