Just a few days remain to WIN this Marquise and Black Diamond Pendant!


That’s right, you only have until noon on Friday, January 31st, to enter for a chance to win this stunning marquise and black diamond pendant valued at over $2500!



Pretty sweet right? And wait… there’s more! When you share your entry with your friends you’ll get even more chances to win! For every friend, family member, and random person on the street that enters using your shared link, you’ll get another entry! Heck yeah! So what are you waiting for? Click the image above or follow this link to enter now! http://woobox.com/zazyku



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What’s a girl gotta do to get a Taco Bell ring?



Yep, those are rings, and yes they spell Taco Bell. Unveiled as part of the new Taco Bell Live Mas storefront, taco-heads all over the country can load up on gear and proclaim their love for the Bell on t-shirts, hoodies, skateboards, and yes even a giant foam taco. Although i’d wear the big taco carefully, especially around college campuses during the “fourth meal” hours. I’m pretty sure walking around looking like a giant taco is basically a beacon for students with the munchies and things could get crazy.  Continue reading

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Our Favorite Bride and Groom Shots from Pinterest!

Yep, we’ll admit it. We’re serious pin-aholics especially when it comes to wedding boards. Have you SEEN our Wedding Pups board. Really, you should check it out. Dogs in bowties… come on, what could be better? But back to the post at hand. We’ve got tons of wedding ideas, color inspiration, dress pins and more including gorgeous real wedding photos. These are our absolute favorites that show the whole range of emotions that you should see  between a bride and groom… love, joy, laughter… it’s a beautiful moment captured forever in the images below. We hope that you enjoy them as much as we have!

1fa9c80f7f7a68b51f42dca7187e0de1 Continue reading

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Wedding Band Engraving Ideas!

Want to get your wedding bands engraved but are totally stumped as to what? We don’t blame you. Wedding planning is super stressful and there comes a point where there just. isn’t. enough. brainpower to go around. That’s why you have us! We’ve searched the internet and come up with a few ideas to help get you started. We’re so thoughtful that way! Continue reading

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Garnets at a Glance

We’re big fans of infographics here at Union Diamond. And why wouldn’t we be. They help turn the scary world of diamonds and jewelry into something easy to understand and fun to learn about. For example. Did you know that garnets are great for nearly any type of jewelry and that they aren’t only red but come in many colors? Well thanks to this infographic from the incredible people at GIA you will!

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