The World’s Largest Emerald: The Exciting Conclusion!

Update! (For the full story please see Thursday and Friday of last week!)


Well, this story has taken more turns than a bad soap opera. For starters rumors and speculations had been swirling about whether or not Teodora was even worth of the title of Emerald, let alone “largest faceted emerald in the world”. Although Reaney dismissed detractors claiming that they were just jealous that they didn’t buy the stone first. Right, I’m sure that’s it. Reports even started surfacing that the stone had been put on ebay for $10,000 and failed to sell. If you look at the photo closely, the shirt that the person holding the stone is wearing matches the shirt from the Western Star Auction photo further down this page. It all seemed very fishy. Continue reading

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The World’s Largest Emerald?

Yesterday we brought you part one of the riveting saga of the World’s Largest Emerald… or is it?


Reports surfaced yesterday that the “World’s Largest Emerald” may actually not, be the world’s largest emerald. Wait, so you’re telling me that it was all a lie?! Well, yes and no, and we’re not all that sure. It appears that in his quest for putting his shop on the map, owner Regan Reaney may have glossed over a few details. Continue reading

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The World’s Largest Emerald!

Everyone loves a juicy story full of drama, twists and turns. And there is no better drama than the story of Teodora, the world’s largest emerald. So let’s journey back to January 2012 and relive the glory that was, Teodora! *Cue the rewind music!


I’m sure you all know by now, that here at Union Diamond we love diamonds and gemstones. They are all beautiful in their own ways, but the big ones are the most beautiful of all. Well, perhaps I spoke a bit prematurely on that count. You see, on Saturday, a record breaking emerald will be sold in Canada. This emerald is hailed as the largest, faceted emerald in the world. Called Teodora, or gift from God, the gem was mined in Brazil and cut in India. It weighs in at a mind-numbing 57,500 carats, or around 25 pounds, and is appraised at $1.15 million dollars.

worldbiggestemerald7-1_resized2-550x392 Continue reading

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The Taylor Burton Diamond

Made famous when it was purchased by Richard Burton in 1969, the Taylor-Burton Diamond had two previous owners before gracing the neck of his wife, Elizabeth Taylor. Originally mined in 1966 at the Premier Mine in South Africa and weighing in at a whopping 241 carats, the Taylor-Burton was cut by Harry Winston into a classic pear shape weighing 69.42 carats. The as-yet-unnamed diamond was then sold to Harriet Annenberg Ames in 1967. However, she sold the diamond just two years later due to its massive size. “I found myself positively cringing and keeping my gloves on for fear it would have been seen… As things are in New York one could not possibly wear it publicly.” Continue reading

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Why people go to weddings… and no… it’s not for the cake.

Everyone loves weddings, that is until they’re actually invited to one. Then the complaints start rolling in. I have to buy a gift, and a dress, and the ceremony was so LONG, and there wasn’t enough food or booze, etc. Let’s face it, weddings are a huge hassle. So why, I wondered, do people still love weddings and continue to RSVP yes? Continue reading

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The 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra is here!


The weather is turning colder and that can only mean one thing… that is, if you really like Victoria’s Secret. So, essentially, this one’s for the dudes, and ladies who like diamonds no matter where they’re located. Anywho, the Victoria’s Secret annual fashion show is just around the corner and every year we get a bit of a sneak peak which includes one chosen model and…

Continue reading

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Kim Kardashian’s Ill-Fated Engagement Ring Goes Up for Auction!

So, Kim Kardashian. We all know her and… erm…. love her for her wild antics including her ill-fated walk down the aisle. And she’s been making headlines again, but for an entirely different reason. She’s not getting married, that we know of. She hasn’t released another sex tape, that we know of, although honestly we couldn’t bring ourselves to look. She actually didn’t do anything at all, except lend her legacy to a bit of bling. But let’s go back, all the way to the beginning, to see just how it all came about.  *Cue rewind music!* Continue reading

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The Krupp Diamond

Elizabeth Taylor was once quoted as saying that, “big girls need big diamonds”. Well, if that was the case, then she was a very big girl indeed since she had several diamonds that were not just big, they were enormous. Such is the case with the star of this entry. The Krupp diamond is emerald in shape, and possessing a large culet, which points to the stone being cut before the 1920’s when such facets were being phased out. This stunning diamond weighs in at 33.19 carats, is D in color, and Internally Flawless. Set in platinum, it has always been one of Miss Taylor’s most favorite pieces.

PR Krupp Continue reading

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What would you buy with $250,000?

This is a question that always gets tossed around when the lottery hits double or triple digit millions. But what if you don’t play the lottery? What if you’re just a regular old millionaire looking to spend the few hundred thousand that you found behind your couch cushions? Either that or you’re like me and like to pretend that you’re the kind of person with any kind of cash hidden behind your couch cushions.


So let’s play a game shall we? What wonderful things could you buy from Union Diamond, with 250k?


We’ll just give you a moment to pick yourselves up off the ground and wipe the drool from your keyboard, because this, is incredible. I mean, we see, A LOT of jewelry, in all shapes and sizes. And it’s not every day that we’re star struck by jewelry. Well let me tell you that when this hoard was assembled on my desk there was more than a little hyperventilating.

So what exactly are you seeing? You’re seeing three bangle bracelets in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. Three hinged bangles in varying carat weights set in white gold. These by the way are some of my personal favorites because they only have diamonds on the top which means that you can get twice the diamond look for your money. Bonus! You’re also seeing two necklaces. One is a classic riviera style necklace with beautiful diamonds in graduated sizes, and the second is a show stopper with beautiful pear shape diamonds suspended from a stunningly designed necklace. Every inch of this piece screams I’m a celebrity and i’m going to the Oscars! Or if it were owned by me, I’m a blogger, and i’m going to the grocery store!

Be honest, you just had your head deep under your couch cushions looking for some spare cash. So which piece would you buy first?

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