2013 VMAs: Best Dressed and Best Blinged

Yesterday we focused quite a bit on the “don’t” part of celebrity fashions. And from Katy Perry to Miley Cyrus it was quite a list. We’re still shaking our heads about tooth jewelry being a real thing… seriously. It’s just wrong.

But there were some well dressed folks who turned out to walk the carpet and our favorite, and thus the winner of this year’s VMAs Best Dressed and Best Blinged award is non other than Idol alum turned Grammy winner, Jennifer Hudson.  Continue reading

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Looking for a Theme for your Wedding? You should probably steer clear of these three.

We’ve seen them all before, the theme wedding. Two words that rarely fail to evoke a knee-jerking, head twitching reaction in most everyone on the planet, except that is, for the bride. There’s the classic Southern Belle complete with hoop skirts, sweet tea, and the words darlin’ and ya’ll liberally sprinkled about. Or perhaps you’d prefer a Parisian theme complete with tiny Eiffel towers on everything from the place cards to the cocktail napkins.

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These are a few of our favorite things…

We have lots of favorite things here at Union Diamond. They range from diamonds, of course, to a fresh sheet of bubble wrap. Seriously, when was the last time you spent some quality time with bubble wrap? You could save thousands on therapy, or if you have anger issues, litigation. But i’m getting away from the point. As you might have heard, and if you haven’t, shame on you for not following us on Facebook.com/UnionDiamond or Twitter @UnionDiamond. Seriously, there’s some good stuff there. But as I was saying…   Continue reading

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