So what makes a fancy colored diamond… fancy?

It is a gorgeous day here in Atlanta and it makes me so happy! Spring is in the air, daffodils are starting to flower. And it really puts me in the mood for some color. Colored diamonds that is.  As most of you know, Diamonds can come in a variety of colors from yellow to blue to even black. Basically if there is a color in the rainbow, odds are good that you can find it in diamond. The only trouble is whether or not you will be able to afford it. For example, if you wanted a red diamond, be prepared to pay amounts that could potentially be over a million dollars per carat! However other colors such as yellow are far more common and thus much less expensive. Continue reading

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Like, Share, and WIN!!!

Spring is in the air at Union Diamond! And to celebrate we’re offering our Facebook fans the chance to add some fresh, spring color to their jewelry collection! Visit our Facebook Page, find the post with the picture below and share it with your friends! Once the contest is over we’ll draw a name and that lucky winner will get to select one of the three beautiful pieces of Sara Blaine jewelry pictured! The contest starts today so get sharing for your chance to WIN!  

Sara Blaine Giveaway win red



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On the Auction Block: The largest known D Flawless Diamond!

Ah, I love the smell of huge diamonds in the morning! Ok, so diamonds don’t actually have a smell. Although I have admittedly never stuck one that close to my nose to find out. But that’s beside the point. We’re not here to talk about smells, we’re here to talk about diamonds! Big Diamonds! Diamonds of mythic proportions! This one in particular.

flawlessdiamond Continue reading

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Marquise Cut Diamonds: built for smiles.

Whenever I hear the phrase “9 carat D – flawless diamond”, my heart skips a beat. Ok when I hear “(any size) D – flawless diamond” I get excited. These stones are the rarest of the rare, one in a billion. But few are as spectacular as this one. 9.22 carats, D in color, Internally Flawless you can’t get a whole lot better when it comes to adjectives. The price alone is staggering. This beauty sold for nearly $1 million. But beyond all of those adjectives, what really grabbed me about this stunner was its shape, Marquise. *swoon* Continue reading

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