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*Most of our styles are available in all metals.

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Union Diamond Jewelry in Atlanta, Georgia offers beautiful wedding bands for women and men. Our customers enjoy the same high quality jewelry and superior service, whether you shop at our store in Atlanta or online. We have many options for wedding bands for men, including gold, platinum, and palladium wedding bands at prices to fit your budget.

The Value of Palladium Wedding Bands

Many precious metals are used to craft wedding bands and Union Diamond Jewelry in Atlanta, Georgia offers quality gold, platinum, and palladium wedding bands. While gold has long been the standard, platinum and palladium have become very popular for wedding bands in the past decade or so. Palladium is a precious metal that is in the same family as platinum.

Our Collection of Men's Palladium Rings

We offer a large selection of designs for men's palladium wedding bands. Choose from wedding bands with or without diamonds and bands that have unique designs. We have quality palladium bands for men in diamond cut, carved, and laser cut designs to satisfy every personal preference.

Advantages of Palladium Wedding Bands

There are several benefits to selecting palladium for your wedding band. This precious metal is tough, durable, and attractive. The durability of this metal makes it a perfect choice for jewelry that is worn daily, such as wedding rings, particularly for men with jobs or hobbies that are tough on jewelry. This metal is also hypoallergenic and less expensive than platinum. In addition, the white color is natural in this metal, so the finish will last forever and not chip, as can happen with platinum and white gold.

Add a Personal Touch to Men's Palladium Rings

At Union Diamond, we offer custom engraving for wedding bands to add a personal touch to your wedding bands. A special message, expression of love, names, wedding date, or a message that is unique to the couple adds meaning, romance and a special significance to your rings. We have engraved messages that range from heart-warming and romantic to whimsical and funny. The message is as unique as the couple!

Union Diamond Jewelry in Atlanta Georgia

You can browse our website to view our entire collection of palladium wedding bands for men or sort the results by price to find a ring in a great design and price that works with your budget. Place your order online for fast shipping. If you need assistance or have a question, please contact Union Diamond at 1-800-319-9155 or +1-770-319-9155 for international callers.

Union Diamond

2410 Paces Ferry Road SE Atlanta, GA 30339
Phone: 1.800.319.9155, +1.770.319.9155
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