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Rings for Every Personality

From classic to contemporary, presets and semi-mounts, your perfect ring is just a click away!

A Perfect Match

You are her perfect match; shouldn't her wedding band be as well? Designed to perfectly compliment her stunning engagement ring these bands are a match made in heaven.

As Unique as She Is

There's no one quite like your sweetheart. Show her just how special she is by letting our custom department help you design a ring that's just as unique as she is!

Just Expect More

Through our impeccable attention to detail and dedication to exceptional customer service, we challenge you to "just Expect More" from Union Diamond!

Everything you need for the day you’ve been waiting for your entire life!

Wedding planning is tough. That’s why we’re your one-stop-shop for engagement rings, wedding bands, and more.

We've helped hundreds of happy customers design their perfect piece of jewelry from Mother's Rings, to Engagement Rings, to Diamond Pendants. The only limit to what we can do is your imagination! Check out our Custom Gallery for inspiration!

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Buying diamond wedding rings is a big purchase decision and the choice is very personal, since the rings will be worn every day for many years. Diamond wedding rings are available in a variety of designs in antique, vintage, classic, traditional, modern, and contemporary styles. Although the choice of diamond rings is ultimately a matter of preference, there are several things to consider when choosing rings for your wedding.

The grading of diamonds determines the value of a specific diamond. A diamond grading report or certificate will contain information about what is known as the 4 C..s, color, cut, clarity, and carat weight.

  • Color - Diamonds can be colorless, icy winter, or warm colors. The scale ranges from a grade of D or colorless to Z or light yellow diamonds. Colorless are the rarest and most valuable.
  • Cut - This is the shape of the diamond, as well as how the diamond was cut and how the facets in the diamond reflect light. A well cut diamond reflects most of the light between the facets and has the most fire and brilliance.
  • Clarity - Diamonds often have small flaws, known as inclusions that occur when the diamond formed in the earth. There is a scale that indicates the degree of inclusion in a diamond.
  • Carat Weight - This is the weight of the stone and total carat weight is the combined weight of the stones in diamond wedding rings.
  • After selecting the diamonds that will be used in your diamond wedding rings, you will need to decide on the type of ring you want. Some people choose matching engagement and wedding ring sets, while other couples purchase an engagement ring and then later buy a wedding ring separately. In addition to sets with wedding and engagement rings, there are also matching sets with rings for the bride and the groom.

    Wedding ring sets are available in a wide range of styles and designs from traditional to modern and from simple to ornate to suit every preference. Diamond wedding bands can have just a few diamonds or be partially or completely surrounded in diamonds. The most common shapes used in diamond wedding rings are round, baguettes and a combination of round and baguette diamonds.

    Some diamond wedding rings are made to fit a certain diamond shape or shapes. When selecting a setting and center stone, consider the style of the ring and choose a diamond for the center stone that will best fit the style of the setting. Read diamond grading reports to find information about the diamonds used in engagement rings and wedding rings and shop with a reputable jeweler, such as Union Diamond, for quality wedding rings that will fit your budget.

    Union Diamond

    Union Diamond has an impressive collection of top quality certified diamonds, diamond engagement rings, custom designs and fine diamond jewelry at incredible savings.
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