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Payment Terms

Union Diamond is pleased to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. All orders that are paid for with these methods will receive the regularly stated price. All credit card orders must be shipped to the billing address on file with the credit card company. We are happy to send your order to a work or alternate shipping address but that address must be placed on file with your credit card company. Please make note that we do not ship to P.O. Boxes, Package Stores, or Package forwarding companies. All packages must have an adult signatory for release.

In our efforts to give you, the consumer, the best possible prices, we ask our customers to pay for their purchases via bank wire transfer. Those customers paying by wire transfer will receive a 3% discount from our regularly stated price. Wire transfer is an easy process and does not require any delay in shipment. We will simply email the complete wire instructions to present to your bank for completion.

Please be aware that once a credit card transaction has been processed, the 3% wire transfer discount is no longer applicable regardless of the circumstances. A customer must choose the method of payment prior to any purchase. Those customers wishing to receive a 3% wire transfer discount must pay for their original purchase via this method. Under no circumstances can the 3% wire discount be used after a customer has previously paid for an item by credit card.

Any customer that returns any item in accordance with the 30 day return policy will not be eligible to purchase the exact same item within any subsequent 30 day period. Our return policy is quite liberal and any attempt to circumvent the spirit of this agreement will not be permitted. In an effort to combat credit card fraud and keep our prices low, Union Diamond will only process a single order per customer in any given 30 day period. This in no way affects your return or exchange privilege.

We ship to most locations worldwide. However, overseas shipments do require payment in full via wire transfer including any forwarding fees, import duties and/or taxes that are required by the country of import. With the exception of Canada, we do not accept foreign credit cards.

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