Pinterest and a Crystal Pumpkin!

Since the advent of Pinterest, women, and I’m sure a bunch of men, have been obsessed with two things, tasty recipes… and crafts. And since it’s Halloween, I thought some fun spook-induced craftiness was in order. I found this photo just after Halloween last year, so it’s been patiently waiting for Halloween to roll back again. Now I’ll just let you know in advance, I’m quite crafty, but also quite clutzy, so if I could pull this off anyone can. So here are your step-by-step instructions to creating your very own blingtastic spider web pumpkin.

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Celebrate August with a Peridot Photo Blog

We’re four days into August and loving every minute of it, and that’s partly due to the beauty of August’s birthstone, Peridot. We’re so in love with the beautiful green shades of Peridot that are so reminiscent of a warm summer meadow. But don’t just take my word for it, take a look at some stunning examples from our Pinterest Boards and see for yourself!

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DIY : A Festive Ribbon Bow!

Have you ever shopped at high end retail stores and watched enviously as the sales associates effortlessly gift wrapped package after package into Christmas perfection? No? Ok, so maybe that was just me. But coming from a family where my father used to descend into the basement to wrap his presents, we can only assume that power tools were involved in the process, perfect packaging was a rarity. Now, as I grew up, I became like most of America, reasonably proficient at wrapping a squarish parcel without resorting to a vise grip and table saw. However, I will admit, any odd shaped packages still got shoved in a bag, or if they were too large, my mother’s yuletide favorite, a laundry sack.  Continue reading

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