Arrrrrrr! Who’s Up For Some Treasure?

Arrrrrrrrr, there be treasure in them thar hills… er water! At least I’m pretty sure that’s what pirate-type people say. That, and a lot of ‘ahoy mateys’, ‘yo ho a pirate’s life for me’, and ‘why is all the rum gone’. Yes, I imagine pirates as a radical cross between a Disney cartoon and Captain Jack Sparrow. Anyways, before I launched into what I’m sure was a super amusing tangent on pirates I meant to post a blog about what it is, besides rum that pirates love most, treasure. And not just any treasure, but x-marks the spot, worth many a gold doubloon treasure.  *There are major bonus points for those of you who actually knew how to spell doubloon before reading this post, because I did not.  Continue reading

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Celebrate August with a Peridot Photo Blog

We’re four days into August and loving every minute of it, and that’s partly due to the beauty of August’s birthstone, Peridot. We’re so in love with the beautiful green shades of Peridot that are so reminiscent of a warm summer meadow. But don’t just take my word for it, take a look at some stunning examples from our Pinterest Boards and see for yourself!

ca31010c4bbaa67b60ff9b21a092e878 Continue reading

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Rubies at a Glance!

We’re big fans of infographics here at Union Diamond. And why wouldn’t we be. They help turn the scary world of diamonds and jewelry into something easy to understand and fun to learn about. For example. Did you know that Rubies and Sapphires are both a member of the Corundum family of gemstones? Yep, Sapphires come in all colors except red. That’s because when a pink sapphire crosses into the red color category it’s called a Ruby! Well thanks to your friends at Union Diamond, and this infographic from the incredible people at GIA you will! Continue reading

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A Postcard Proposal

Now, this may shock you… but here’s a secret. We love proposals. But not just the, ooh a cute proposal story, how sweet, sort of love. A proposal site-stalking, viral video-watching, card carrying member of the obsessed proposal lovers fan group type of love. Which is why we were so excited to hear that The Ultimate Proposal Contest was coming back for another year! So of course we’ve spent an hour… or two… ok maybe ten, oohing and awwwwing over all of the incredible stories. The romance, the tears, the joy… it gets us every time!


So, enter Derrick, a customer of ours who shared his story with the contest. We’ll let him take it from here….  Continue reading

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La Peregrina: The Legendary Pearl

For thousands of years, pearls have been sought after for their beauty and lustrous looks. Some were so breathtaking that they made the history books as legendary as they’re owners. The 203.84 grain, pear-shaped La Peregrina is just one such pearl.  An African slave on the isle of Santa Margarita earned his freedom when he discovered the pearl in the mid 16th century. At the time of its discovery La Peregrina was the largest pearl ever found and weighed 223.8 grains, or around 55.95 carats, it was drilled in 1913 to more securely keep it in its setting, reducing it to its current size. To this day La Peregrina is one of the largest perfectly symmetrical pear-shaped pearls in the world. Continue reading

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How to get a stuck-on ring off your finger… without a trip to the Emergency Room!

We’ve all been there, either you’ve tried on a ring that went on fine and then BAM, not fine, or perhaps you’re victim to the dreaded afternoon finger swell. Or maybe you’ve had the misfortune to jam or bash your finger into something. Regardless of the circumstances, that ring is STUCK. So how, other than a very expensive and embarrassing trip to the ER, are you going to get it off? Well lucky for you, you’ve found this blog and we’re here to help with some time honored and road tested solutions, none of which involve spit, we promise.

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Mother’s Day is coming! Are you ready?

We don’t mean to alarm any of you, but Mother’s Day is this Sunday. And yes, she deserves more than a card that you buy at Kroger on the way to brunch. But don’t worry, because, as always, we’ve got you covered. In fact, because we care, we’re going to share our email only coupon code with you! Use MOM25 at checkout any time between now and Mother’s Day and save 25% off gorgeous Sara Blaine jewelry!

Sara Blaine Mother's Day Email 25

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