Fall in Love with Rose Gold


Rose Gold is in the spotlight at the moment and can be seen nearly everywhere you look…from the fashion runways to cosmetics to interior design. The recently announced iPhone 6S will be available in rose gold and preorders indicate this color choice will sell out before they even hit the stores! Rose gold is hot and it’s in demand.

14K Rose and White Gold Ring Two Tone Double Halo Ring with 1.5 ct J SI2 Radiant Cut  Center with 0.89 CTTW Side

14K Rose and White Gold Ring Two Tone Double Halo Ring with 1.5 c Radiant Cut Center

A touch of copper is mixed with yellow gold to achieve the soft rosy hue of rose gold. This alloy has a rich history and first became popular among the Russian royalty in the 19th century. The warm, pinkish hue was reintroduced into fine jewelry collections in the 1920s and is often found at estate sales and in vintage jewelry collections. With platinum use restrictions during World War II, rose and yellow gold characterize jewelry of this era. One of the most iconic pieces of this time was Cartier’s Trinity ring which featured three intertwining bands of rose, yellow and white gold. Rose gold continued to dazzle and shine throughout the Art Deco styles of the 1930s and 1940s.

6 carat Morganite Gemstone with 14K Rose Gold Custom Ring

6 carat Morganite Gemstone with 14K Rose Gold Custom Ring

Of course rose gold has always been on Union Diamond’s radar and offers a softer alternative to golds and platinums. Some of our favorite custom designs feature rose gold or a combination of golds. Rose gold is timeless and chic; rose gold is romantic and versatile. And rose gold looks good on everyone…men and women alike!  Rose gold is an excellent choice for an engagement ring, pendant and is beautifully paired with colored stones.

Rose Gold 2 ct Cushion Center Stone with 1 CTTW Cushion Sides and Round Diamonds

Rose Gold 2 ct Cushion Center Stone with 1 CTTW Cushion Sides and Round Diamonds

Are you shopping for a rose gold engagement ring? Interested in adding a rose gold accessory to your collection? Contact our sales consultants with your vision and we’ll make it a reality! Think Pink!

We love our clients!

What an amazing experience, I can say, like most people, buying an engagement ring site unseen can be very scary and intimidating. From the very beginning of my experience it was nothing but positive and reassuring. Leah Cawley was absolutely the best to work with. We both found several stones that were in my budget and she worked with me to find the best quality stone, even telling me that the stone I was looking at was nice, but had an inclusion you could see with the naked eye and found a better quality stone that was less expensive. She assured me that the gemologist said that the stone we picked out was gorgeous and eye clean. She even went as far as sending me a picture as soon as she received it from their vendor. I was very picky and in a time crunch and she assured me (even though it was my fault) they would have it delivered to me on time. She responded to every single email I sent (and there were a ton, trust me) and it seemed like after each email I sent, she responded within minutes. I know you may be leary of purchasing an important, expensive item like this online. But trust me when I say it was worth it, and I will be going back for our wedding bands. What a great company and sales staff they have. I received the ring this morning and it was simply perfect, I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome in this long journey I’ve had. A++ work Union Diamond, and especially Leah Cawley.

-Justin C. , iVouch review

Read all of our wedding reviews on our Union Diamond Storefront at WeddingWire

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Hot Jewelry Trends 2015 – Bar Necklaces


Hot Jewelry Trends 2015 – Bar Necklaces

Style Trending…Bar Necklaces Chunky, statement necklaces have been a dominant accessory in women’s fashion. And while they often pair well with simple clothing or a LBD, we are increasingly drawn to the elegant sophistication of Union Diamond’s bar necklaces. You’ve probably noticed them in Hollywood or your favorite fashion magazine – the look is minimalistic and typically incorporates a gold, silver or increasingly popular rose gold, simple chain and center “bar” element. Union Diamond’s bar necklaces are varied and widely appealing…. Gracefully Simple.



Extra Diamonds, because, well…we all need extra sparkle!


The look is timeless and modern. And when layered, they offer an even edgier look! Acknowledge loved ones or special occasions with a diamond initial necklace and pair with a Union Diamond bar necklace. Endless possibilities!


Our larger curved bar coupled with our arrow pendant offers a dramatic look that we adore.


Union Diamond’s bar necklaces are a versatile piece of jewelry that should reside in every woman’s collection. How do you layer your necklaces? Do you mix metals? Incorporate colored gem stones for a pop of color? Shoot us a photo and let us know! We’d love to share your look! Contact Us


Keep our bar necklaces in mind as you begin to think about holiday shopping! Perfect stocking stuffer!


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September Diamond Earring Special



Union Diamond - September Diamond Earring Special

For a limited time, Union Diamond is offering a special price on 4 prong diamond stud earrings; $799.99 per pair! This is $1,000 back from our normal cost! These earrings make a great gift for birthdays, holidays, graduation or “just because.”

These beautiful ladies diamond stud earrings featuring two perfectly matched round brilliant diamonds. These near colorless diamonds are set in classically elegant 14kt white gold four prong basket settings. They are 1 carat total weight. For more details, click here.


We’re here to help find the Jewelry You Want!

Our friendly staff includes gemologists, diamond and jewelry experts and will be glad to answer questions providing the best service in the industry. If you need to be served now, please call 1-800-319-9155. For our international customers, please call +1-770-319-9155.

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Round Brilliant Diamond 4.36ct – Union Diamond


Round Brilliant Diamond 4.36ct – Union Diamond

This was an EGL certified, 4.36ct round brilliant, with I1 clarity, and K color. Diamond priced at $11,900.00

The 14K white gold setting was custom made by Jeff McLaurin and contains about 1.25 carat of diamonds total. They are near colorless, G-H color, and SI clarity stones.

For more information on Union Diamond or any jewelry pieces, visit our website at www.uniondiamond.com


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DIY : A Festive Ribbon Bow!

Have you ever shopped at high end retail stores and watched enviously as the sales associates effortlessly gift wrapped package after package into Christmas perfection? No? Ok, so maybe that was just me. But coming from a family where my father used to descend into the basement to wrap his presents, we can only assume that power tools were involved in the process, perfect packaging was a rarity. Now, as I grew up, I became like most of America, reasonably proficient at wrapping a squarish parcel without resorting to a vise grip and table saw. However, I will admit, any odd shaped packages still got shoved in a bag, or if they were too large, my mother’s yuletide favorite, a laundry sack.  Continue reading

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The World’s Most Expensive Christmas Tree

Christmas is just around the corner and cars all over America have been driving the highway heavily laden with Christmas trees. And my car was no different last weekend. Now when I say Christmas tree, I’m envisioning a fluffy fir tree trimmed with white lights and teal, green, and silver colored ornaments. Hey, so it’s not the traditional red and green, but I like to be a little different. Now, let’s pause for a moment on the words, a little, different. Because I found a tree that’s been making headlines this week due to it being decidedly more than, ‘a little’ different. Now by different I don’t mean that they’ve hung it upside down, or covered it in meat a la Lady Gaga… that would just be gross. This tree is different in the fact that it is made entirely, from its base to the star at its summit, out of pure gold. Continue reading

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The 2014 Fantasy Bra is here!


The weather is turning colder and that can only mean one thing… that is, if you really like Victoria’s Secret. So, essentially, this one’s for the dudes, and ladies who like diamonds no matter where they’re located. Anywho, the Victoria’s Secret annual fashion show is just around the corner and every year we get a bit of a sneak peak which includes one chosen model and…


Remember that post on the diamond skull where I claimed that everything was better if it was encrusted with diamonds? Well, wrong again, but this time its diamond covered lingerie. That’s right; the famed Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is approaching and with every VS show, comes the Fantasy Bra. (I feel that there should be appropriately dramatic music here, but since these blogs don’t come with a soundtrack feature we shall press on.)


Since its inception in 1996, the Fantasy Bra has been making headlines. Worn by catwalk legends such as Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, and Claudia Schiffer, the Fantasy Bra is every Angel’s dream; a dream that comes true for very few models. Miranda Kerr, who wore the famed bra in 2011 said of the experience, “I have always wanted to wear the Fantasy Bra”. “It’s really special”. It’s true; there is something very special about these bras, very special, meaning very costly. With the first installment, the Million Dollar Miracle bra, which retailed for, you guessed it, $1 million, the sparkly undergarments were poised to make history. And four years later, Gisele Bundchen strutted down the catwalk wearing a record breaking Fantasy Bra and panties worth a staggering $15 million. This year’s look is definitely worthy of it’s spot in the coveted tradition and is poised to make a splash.


Victoria's Secret/ Instagram

Victoria’s Secret/ Instagram

Nope, you’re not seeing double. This year, in a surprising twist, Victoria’s secret not only took the show out of it’s traditional New York setting and moved it to oh-so-chic and cosmopolitan London, they’ve raised the stakes even higher by having not one, but two Fantasy Bras each valued at a royal sum of 2 million dollars and worn by two of Victoria’s Secret’s most famous bodies, Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio.


Which, considering that last year’s offering, ironically dubbed ‘The Royal’ (forshadowing much?), topped out at 10 million dollars, is downright thrifty. Maybe they had to offset the cost of jetting a whole plane full of models across the pond? But, cost aside, let’s take a closer look at these two dazzling creations which were “inspired by the magic of faraway lands”, took skilled artisans over 1300 hours to complete and tip the scales at over 10,000 carats of diamonds and gemstones.


According to the Victoria’s Secret website,  Adriana Lima’s blue bra and matching chain set include over 10,000 precious gems including amethysts, topaz, sapphires, agate, and diamonds hand set in 18k yellow gold. And when they say chain set they aren’t kidding. Any guesses as to how many people it took to wrestle all of those bejeweled ropes, tassels, and fringes all over her body? It’s not that the set isn’t impressive, it is, but I can’t help but feel that all of the hoopla is detracting from what is, in truth, a really pretty bra.


And don’t even get me started on Alessandra’s getup. While she has nearly half the gemstones at 5,833, including red garnets, sapphires, blue topaz, and diamonds,

sidebar: I really feel for the poor guy who has to count all of those

she has what appears to be twice the amount of random chains, arm swags, etc. flapping around. I’m honestly surprised they didn’t strap a giant garnet to her head to complete the Arabian Nights motif.


I guess what i’m trying to say is, it’s called the Fantasy BRA not the Fantasy body chain, swag, fiesta. Sometimes less is more and at least for this year, the designers should have taken a page out of Coco Chanel’s book, looked in the mirror, and taken 82 pieces off before they left the house.


But the main question every year is not, is it a beautiful bra, because it is, but will it sell? Contrary to popular belief, the Fantasy Bra is not created as a showpiece. It is created to sell, and for quite a lot of money. However, only one has ever sold, and it was the very first, and very cheapest at a budget friendly $1 million. I think the reason is that there are so many things to spend millions of dollars on, and diamond studded bras just don’t rank that high up on the list. On my list they would fall miles behind things like mansions, yachts, and the Elizabeth Taylor diamond ring.


However, with all of that being said,  I’m sure it would make a nice addition to anyone’s home décor. Because let’s face it, you can’t wear the thing. Besides it being ostentatious as all get out, it was made to fit a teeny, tiny supermodel. Although even if it did fit, I wouldn’t wear it as a bra. I personally think that it has gone beyond underwear and has become embellished enough to be worn as a top. I say throw that baby, minus the chains, on and hit the clubs, with a couple of body guards of course!


Now I want to hear what you think! Is this year’s duo of Fantasy Bras jaw-droppingly gorgeous, or a jaw-dropping waste of money? Would you buy one, and if so would you wear it? Catch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show tonight!

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A new way to pick your signature gemstone: birthstones need not apply!

Are you like many people out there and really dislike your birthstone? Well here’s a fresh take on picking your signature stone. The fashion mavens over at JCK have come up with a comprehensive guide to gemstones matching their vibrant hues with your hair and eye color. We especially love the caveat at the bottom saying that diamonds are perfect for everyone. We could not agree more!

Continue reading

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